Introduction of the Continuing Education College

  The continuing education college is located at the Xian Xia Rd, Xin Cun Rd and SongJiang campuses in down town areas of Shanghai. It contains six administration offices, namely office of the director, teaching administration division, students management division, admission & training division, self-study examination division and the computer center.

  The college enables to take full advantage of plenty of advanced teaching and training equipment and facilities of the university. With its guidelines of relying on Shanghai's key industries, combining learning with production and research and serving to the nation's economic development, the college is undergoing rapid development and growth. Now, its total enrollment of students amounts over 6,000 covering 35 specialties in the disciplines of engineering, administration and arts. The college has been entitled to be an exclusive organization of self-study examination in Shanghai for higher education of six specialties of Business Administration, Automobile Application Engineering, Logistics Management, Marketing Management ,Labor & Social Security and Flight Service Management. In addition, the college is responsible for administration of all the non-degree programs of the University. Owing to its experienced management team with dedicated commitment and knowledge of market, the college developed many new training programs over the past years and was far ahead of its training target every year.

  Since the end of 2012, the college has formulated various measures to achieve those goals of ^The 2nd University Party Congress ̄ & ^The 1st Session of The 5th Faculty Congress. ̄ The college is making great efforts to serve to build up the lifelong education system & learning society, and contributes this opportunity to provide an outstanding education that will enable its students to build a future of professional, intellectual and personal success.

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